The Each day Aubrey-Maturin: The Nutmeg of Comfort (E book 14), Chapter 8 (pp. 4655-4698)

NB. So, in fact, we (royalty) fell wanting our aim of 6600 pages at first of the season, and solely went over 4700. as would steadily occur to Aubrey & Co. However, with the necessity identified to me, I, and I, we’ll verify, and see this mission proper! Not that anybody is definitely studying this apart from my mother and father. Whats up mother and father!


The Shock sails to Australia, round New Guinea and the Nice Barrier Reef to succeed in Sydney Cove, which continues to be a ruined penal colony.

On the way in which, they occur on an island (the most effective guess: one of many Sonsorols in Palau), the place they discover all of the inhabitants killed by smallpox, save two babies, whom they save. Maturin ensures that everybody follows the strict guidelines of quarantine, burning garments, shaving heads, and killing all germs with vinegar and permits solely these residing on the island (briefly) who’ve and pox wounds from earlier of their lives (clearly that is effectively earlier than the vaccine was invented, though the usage of cowpox to offer immunity was identified presently). Well timed studying, this, and the present rising epidemic of monkeypox, too.

Nonetheless, they lastly arrived Sydney Botany Bay, the place the governor treats them to a lavish dinner. Aubrey passes out with meals poisoning, however Maturin and Pullings attend, discovering it very offensive within the manners and conversations. Maturin is very angered by the fixed desecration of his Irish estranged folks, and can finally strike out with Captain Lowe. Maturin being a little bit of John Vick, stabs the dude within the shoulder together with his sword. Assault the King’s man … oh!


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