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Discovering a Ganshen Influence Triangular Building? The brand new Genshin Influence character is shaping as much as be a command character that focuses on elemental reactions together with his charged assault and abilities. As a fundamental DPS, Tignari is predicted to deal lots of harm together with his workforce help.

Elemental Mastery and Assault are the 2 fundamental stats that can assist Tignari cope with the harm he should deal. gave The perfect Tignari construct information Particulars on the right workforce composition, weapons and pattern units for this extremely anticipated upcoming character.


All fashions and weapons instructed on this information are topic to vary as they’re primarily based on unconfirmed data. Model 3.0 closed son The subsequent replace makes substantial adjustments to the sport with the introduction of Dendro, and so the theorized builds haven’t been absolutely examined.

Genshin Influence Tignari DPS construct

Tignari seems to be to be the primary Dendro DPS character, and indicators level to him being significantly highly effective. He appears to learn tremendously from Elemental Mastery, as considered one of his skills, Scholarly Blade, will increase the harm of his Elemental Burst and Charged Assaults by 0.05% for every level of EM he possesses, as much as For extra 50% bonus.

Additionally, you may need to have a look at Tignari’s capacity to set off Dendro’s reactions together with his Charged Assault and Elemental Talent. With a excessive quantity of Elemental Mastery, any sort of elemental reactions will assist him deal extra harm.

For expertise ranges, his regular assault takes the best precedence, then his elemental burst, and at last, his elemental talent.

Wonderful triple workforce composition


Tignari desires to set off the first response. His excessive base talent is clear, so in that case, why not benefit from it? Since Tignari will need to be a personality that offers truckloads of injury together with his abilities and charged assault, he will be the workforce’s fundamental DPS.

So, who can allow it? For Tighnari, it appears one of the best ways for him to deal extra harm is to make use of the Worsen/Unfold response. For that to occur, we would like an Electro Sub DPS.

A pattern workforce construction that takes benefit of those reactions (catalysis, development, and diffusion) is:

  • Fischl/Yae Miko
  • Tignari
  • Sucrose
  • The twine

As sub DPSes, Fischl and Yae Miko fulfill the identical function: you need them to go away their beginning abilities on the battlefield and swap them in order that Tighnari can deal harm and catalyze reactions. Sucrose can be an important selection as one other sub-DPS as she will increase the beginning talent of the characters on the workforce when she triggers rotation. This can be a nice option to enhance Tighnari’s elemental abilities. The twine might be changed by every other prop as a healer, nonetheless, it additionally has its personal deserves – specifically that her lamp can regenerate vitality for anybody hooked up to it.

The perfect triple weapon

This data is marked as speculative as a result of it’s primarily based on data reported from the three.0 beta, and will not replicate precise future content material.


Tignari desires to deal as a lot harm as he can in a single go. Nonetheless, like Ganyu, it seems to be like he will use lots of charged assaults in his harm repertoire apart from his Elemental Burst. Due to this, he will profit from weapons that enhance his harm, elemental mastery, or elemental burst/talent harm.

Title Description Recreation Description
Hunter’s Path (New Bow) Crate Likelihood Acquire 12% all elemental harm bonus. Acquire a Relentless Hunt impact when hitting an opponent with a charged assault. This charged assault will increase DMG to 160% of the character’s EM. This impact can be eliminated after 12 charged assaults or 10 seconds. Just one occasion of Tireless Hunt might be obtained each 12 seconds.
Elegy for the Finish Power recharge Will increase Elemental Mastery by 60. Acquire the sigil whereas dealing harm with an elemental talent or burst. At 4 sigils, passive procs giving 100 EM and ATK can be elevated by 20%. After disabling a sigil, you’ll not obtain a sigil for 20 seconds.
Strongless Elemental Mastery Elemental Talent and Elemental Burst DMG elevated by 24%
Windblume Ode Elemental Mastery After utilizing an Elemental Talent, acquire a boon from Windblume’s Historic Want, growing ATK by 16% for six seconds.

After all, the perfect bow for Tignari could be the bow it comes with, the Hunter’s Path. This mainly provides him all the pieces he must preserve going. However, since not everybody will be capable of get it, there are different solutions on the desk with Windbloom Odd that appears like a 4-star various to the Hunter’s path.

Greatest Tignari artworks.

This data is marked as speculative and will not replicate precise future content material.

The artifact units launched in patch 3.0 are good for each triads. Deepwood Recollections is a pleasant artifact set that offers him flat Dendro DMG and Dendro RES Shreds to opponents. Whereas one other set, Gilded Goals, depends extra in your workforce composition.

Set the identify. 2-piece 4-piece
Deepwood Recollections. Dendro DMG Bonus +15% After hitting opponents with Elemental Expertise of Bursts, the goal’s Dendro RES can be lowered by 30% for 8s. This impact might be triggered even when the geared up character will not be on the sphere.
Golden dream Elemental Mastery + 80 Inside 8 seconds of triggering an elemental response, the character geared up will acquire buffs primarily based on the fundamental sort of different celebration members. ATK is elevated by 14% for every celebration member with the identical elemental sort because the equipping character, and Elemental Mastery is elevated by 50 for every celebration member with a unique elemental sort. Every of the above buffs will rely as much as 3 characters. This impact might be triggered as soon as each 8 seconds. The character who equips it could possibly set off its results even when not on the sphere.


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